Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hello from cape cod

We are in the thick of tech out here. I'm sitting in the back of WHAT's beautiful new theatre looking at the beautiful set of Hunter Gatherers, which opens out here tomorrow night. Right now they're working through the final moments of the play which has some tech heavy magic taking place, including huge things falling, fake blood, falling drops, flying potatoes, quality quality stagecraft!

The stage size is about 5 times of the Thick House which most definitely enhances the epicity. (new word) The folks out here are talented, fabulous and working their asses off while I sit, make little jokes, and buy food. I'm looking forward to seeing what the audience out here will make of this wild little creature. We'll see soon enough!


Blogger Enrique said...

Fierce! How long is it running? And how far from Providence? If I go see it, will you give me a lapdance?

These are all important questions.

11:33 AM  

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