Thursday, July 19, 2007

the east coast takes its toll

I am typing the beginning of this with one hand as I just nicked my nostril with the Schick Quattro. It's taken me about a half hour to get the bleeding to stop. I don't really like the Schick Quattro but I, like an idiot, left my Mach 3 back in Frisco and I was forced to make a difficult decision at the CVS. I really like the Mach 3, I must say. That is a solid solid bit of razor technology.

The last few days have netted other injuries including a rectangle shaped sunburn just under my "pecs" nestled in my chest hair. Apparently in my haste to put on sunscreen at my first beach trip of the summer season, I did two downward wipes with my hand on each side of my chest, but neglected to move towards the center and unite the protective layer. In addition, there are some cuts and nicks in my heels and side of feet from sneakers and sandals, I'm concerned about my sodium intake, concerned about the integrity of the ham and cheese omlette I just ate, and I've misplaced my dental floss.

Playwriting can be a tough tough thing.


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