Saturday, July 14, 2007

aw man its sort of almost already over

final boom of the weekend tonight. It's been a blast to watch, and I'm grateful we get two more shows in a few weeks. The performances have been grand and the audiences fascinating to watch. This play paces a little differently than what I'm used to so I'm now learning how that seems to be working. Or not.

So my purpose of existence in Providence is a little light for the next few weeks. it's been crazy intense since I got here, and in fact the pressure of this play has been on hard since, oh, last october.

So, this is how I'm filling the time:

Today I walked down College Hill to the Providence Place Mall, went to the bathroom, pooped, washed my hands and then used their AMAZING Dyson hand dryers (the hand dryer actually dries your hand!), and then walked back to the dorm.


Blogger Ross said...

Wow, your play is terrific! We were there howling last night with friends who came down from Boston. They are talking about coming back the weekend of August 3 to see it again.

I loved it, too. Congratulations!


12:03 PM  

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