Monday, July 30, 2007

back in the dorms

I am "off-cape" as they say but still fueled with residual lobster, softserve, and miscellaneous other seafoods. HG has opened delightfully (the first few reviews are in), and I'll be heading out there a couple more times to watch its evolution over the month. Audiences seem to be enjoying themselves so far and as director Gip Hoppe says: "it's a night out."

One more week in Providence now for the encore of boom being performed with its counterparts over a wild and fun festival weekend. But blah blah what else is going on:

  • I finished Harry Potter this morning. I found it very satisfying. It was nice to experience a completely unspoiled reading of it.
  • I've had a lot of ice cream in the last week. And more onion rings than I've ever eaten in about 5 years. Yet still I think I've lost a little weight this summer. Mostly because of a complete lack of snack availability.
  • I miss Mexican food terribly. And Peet's. And that low tide pee smell of San Francisco.
  • Foods I have enjoyed here (aside from ones mentioned above): Dunkin Donuts (c'mon DD they will go apeshit for you on the west coast!), Wellfleet Oysters, Apsarra on the West Side, bagels with eggs on them, Louis Ham and Cheese Omlette (memories, oil, and goodness
  • My procrastination skills are back in full form. I am sitting in the library right now and have been brainstorming for the new play and I have successfully distracted myself while I do this in many traditional and steadfast ways. Thank god there was no wireless in college or I never would have accomplished anything. OK I gotta eat. Focus. And Eat!


Blogger Jay said...


"With this work, the 33-year-old playwright has nimbly vaulted into the exalted company of Pinter, Shepard, and Durang."


12:03 PM  
Blogger Enrique said...

Congrats, yay, etc....

Where's Mark's blog? I feel like he needs a video blog.

7:23 PM  

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