Saturday, March 03, 2007

the end of february recap

been a while. here's what happened.
  • I went to Providence. Rhode Island. It's been a while since I'd been and was fun to see the ol grounds where I matured as an adult. What's changed in 10 years:
    • There's a big mall.
    • The Shaws is now a Whole Foods
    • The students are much much younger than when I went there.
    • Ocean Coffee Roasters is now a Thai restaurant. BOOOOOOO!

    What hasn't changed in 10 years
    • It still gets ridiculously cold in February.
    • The Blue Room cookies are still pretty good.
    • There was still a community forum scheduled for people offended by something.
  • I caught a production of Our Town in Providence. It was the first time I'd ever seen a production of the play. Holy crap. What an amazing play. Waterworks!! My god! I love it when a play does that.
  • I went to New York City. I saw this musical and it was pretty damn awesome. Go see it. I also took the subway a bunch, ate lots of diner food, and walked in solo to a bar that happened to be holding an amateur strip competition. I drank a Miller Lite, got very self conscious and left. No matter how hard I try to go to bars on my own (you know, to feel like I can be independent and stuff), I always feel like a dip.
  • I missed the beginning of the Oscars, but caught most of it. Shadow dancing into tableau's? What brainstorming session did that emerge out of? And, I'm done with Jennifer Hudson acceptance speeches for a while. And it's sad to see Entertainment Weekly have to focus on other things for a while.


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