Sunday, February 04, 2007

super bowl roundup

Ah yes the Superbowl just happened and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here is my recap of the cultural experience

Best moment in the game
I think the Bears kickoff return was pretty exciting at the top of the game. The first quarter was really quite thrilling, and the rest of the game was less interesting than the company of my friends.

Most significant and unexpected error in judgement
It was suggested that we play a drinking game of the "you have to drink every time this happens" variety. I offered that every time there was turnover, everyone had to drink a beer. There were 8 turnovers in the game. At turnover 2, which happened literally a minute after turnover 1 we fortunately amended the game to half a beer for every turnover. Still, that was difficult, because age is making itself known in my life in good, healthy ways.

Food roundup
chicken apple sausage on skewers, chicken on skewers, blue cheese and BBQ dipping sauce, mozzarella tomato and shrimp salad, spinach and artichoke dip, skittles, m&ms, Jelly Bellys, crinkle cut chips, pirate's booty, make your own sub sandwiches, cream puffs, chocolate chip cookies. I just had my first poop.

Ad roundup
They really sucked this year. Very disappointed. The only memorable one was David Letterman and Oprah watching the game. And the Emerald Nuts one was pretty good too.

Prince roundup
Pretty damn good

Cirque de Soleil pre-game show roundup
A horrendous debacle of awful terribleness

Made up for the sucky ads and quite possibly one of the most brilliant things on television
The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. If you missed it, it was puppies playing with each other and an assortment of toys on a miniature field. That's it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"American rugby" sucks! :-D

pd. It´s not Pedro the one who wrote that.

hummm commercials in a wedding, that´s a good idea!

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