Monday, February 19, 2007

Nice aftereffects of seeing The Pillowman

Following my boyfriend around the apartment, scratching my butt, saying "Katurian, tell me a story. Katurian?" It makes him a little uncomfortable. If only his name was actually Katurian. It's a nice variation on "George, tell me about the rabbits" from Of Mice and Men.

Other (semi)interesting thoughts on the play
  • It was fun to see the woman who directed me in a Neil Simon play in Walnut Creek portray an evil abusive mother.
  • There was a strange thematic synergy of the week where I saw three different shows (1 play, two TV) that used a powerdrill on someones body to either torture (Pillowman, 24) or rescue (Grey's Anatomy).
  • I really loved that the play took place in a vaguely Totalitarian State and actually said it was a "Vaguely Totalitarian State." Or maybe I'm remembering that wrong. The storytelling of the play is quite brilliant. Just the amount of acknowledgment of artifice that I enjoy and which never pulls me out of the story for some reason. I wonder if we are more willing to remain engaged these days even when aware of something's fake-ness.
  • Another thematic link of the play for me to Pan's Labyrynth, another nightmarish, brutal, kid-centered piece. That movie has lingered with me for a long time.
  • The ending was strangely upbeat! Very interesting when every twist of a play takes you darker and darker until the only surprising twist available is where something less horrific happens than expected.
  • I'm trying to find the right moment in conversation to ask somebody if they still think they're Jesus.


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