Monday, March 26, 2007

The effect of an overcast sky

It's a pissy day in San Fran. Gloomy grey, rain coming through. The rain's fine since "WE NEED IT!" as the weather people tell us. Weatherpeople seem rarely satisfied by the weather. Any condition is cause for concern. If it's going to be stormy, it's dangerous to be out, branches will fall upon us. If it's sunny it's also going to be smoggy, reservoirs will remain low and pollen will wreak havoc. Contrarions. That's what they are.

This winter, the weather people added a new wrench to their toolbox of weather doom: the "Spare The Air" Night. We've had the day version for a long time in summer where people in cars are asked not to drive and take BART instead. The Night version takes place in winter, on particularly cold cold nights. On these freezing icy nights, people are asked not to have fires. Essentially the nights where you really want to have a fire, you can't have one. Apologies to Al Gore and asthmatics, but it's freezing cold and I'm lighting my 2 hour Safeway log for at least an illusion of olden-time warmth and comfort.

What is the point of the above commentary? I'm having writer's block. My head is not feeling terribly clear, the focus is off, the coffee was weak. I'm also in the last third of the play which is always the most difficult, though I am happy to say I finally know how the play will end. I often rationalize writers block by telling myself that I just need more "thinking time." One more day, and enough festering will have taken place. I hope so. I need some decent character event and dialogue to ooze out stat.

I think I sabotaged myself by thinking I could work from home today. I am able to do this occasionally, but if I have even the slightest bit of antsy-tude, it can spell creative disaster (but a click-through windfall for theater blogs, news sites, and porn). Tomorrow, I will leave the house to one of many locations that seem to focus me more and also allow me to eat food while I work.

On the bright side, I got to participate in an amazing, rare, festival of love yesterday. It was most awesome. So, honestly, I should now shut my mouth, stop whining, and get to work.


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