Saturday, March 24, 2007

tv roundup - march

TV has been a mixed bag for me this Spring. This has been enhanced by the fact that our Comcast Digital Cable On Demand has been on the fritz and we have not been able to catch some of the really good stuff on HBO (it just started working again recently)

  • Still good - Lost It dipped there for a bit, but the last two episodes have kicked ass. Especially the last one which did the incredible duty of solving a lot of mysteries. Like a lot. And then, at the same time, introducing the idea that there's a magic box where anything can appear on the island. Fu-what?? I am realizing that my new play is a little bit like Lost. Just a little. No magic box or anything, but ideas about faith, reason, and being trapped.
  • No so good anymore - Survivor - I used to really like this show, and the race season was pretty good. But I am growing tired of weekly challenges involving puzzles, swimming, and people being tethered together. They need to change the shit up.
  • Sucking - 24 - It was sooo good last year. It's sooo not good this year. How can a show with twists every 30 seconds be making me bored? What does a show do when nuclear bombs being launched by drones just doesn't really captivate? Or when Jack Bauer cuts off a finger of the Russian Ambassador, it barely registers. Mark and I discussed and I think the major problem is they are missing a good female character. No love interest, no evil manipulator (Oh Sherry Palmer, we miss you), no love interest/evil manipulator (NINA!!!). Even Chloe has little to do except reluctantly help Jack. The other problem is that they are resorting to torture way too much as a dramatic device. C'mon, after 6 years?
  • Reality TV Best Show of the Moment - The Hills - Lauren has really matured from her LC days. The drama is as thick and compelling as it was in Laguna Beach season 2! Better yet, the guys actually know how to form sentences in this show. Runner Up: I Love New York.
  • Loving - Rome Season 2 (on episode 3), Arrested Development Season 3 on DVD (Oh wow)
OK. more pop culture thoughts to come soon.



Anonymous Marisela said...

Have you seen The Riches on FX? It's pretty darn absorbing.

And hey, congrats on the Gerbode grant! That's awesome and well-deserved.

4:41 PM  

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