Friday, November 10, 2006


A mouse was in the "tip trap" this morning and Mark has just left to release it into its natural habit. Well, a new natural habitat where it won't poop on our desk and pillows anymore.

This was possibly the second mouse we have captured. I was convinced the other night that something was in there, though when I opened the portal for release, either the thing shot out there so fast that I couldn't see it or it was all a mirage.

We are hopeful that's it for the mouse family living in our apartment but we will keep the traps out for a while longer. The humane "tip traps" seem to have worked all right, especially with the combined bait of peanut butter and cheese. All mousetraps available at Cole hardware are convinced that mice love peanut butter more than anything else. Our snaps traps, 2 of which are also out, have been highly unsuccessful in catching anything other than my finger once, causing me to embarrassingly cuss out a piece of wood.


Blogger Pedro said...

how about a cat?

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