Friday, October 27, 2006


I'm writing this in my underwear. I'm not sure if that is the official blogger uniform, but I do have the feeling that many people are blogging in less clothing than they do many other things in their lives. I'm drinking some coffee in an oversized mug that lets me go through my pot of coffee in a convenient 3 pours. That's 7 "cups" in 3 pours. I put cup in quotes because the cups labeled on a coffeemaker are bogus cups. Well, they are probably the legitimate cup, but way to small for the cup you want when you want a cup of coffee.

I will also be showering momentarily (making me mostly naked, undercaffeinated and smelly) and getting on with my day and "weekend" which will be more like a "workend." Oh that's bad. I am hoping to intensively write over the next 4 days in my effort to get a first draft done of a new play. This is the same play I was trying to get a first draft done by August 31. oops. The creative process takes time so BACK OFF people! Just like Donny Rumsfeld said! Just stop complaining and let the incompetent people throw poop around for a while longer.

In all seriousness, I believe Donald Rumsfeld should officially be stripped of his right to be cranky. Sure, his "candor" was refreshing back in 2000, and then we all realized his candor was actually remarkably void of facts. You don't do the job he has done and then get ticked off when people think you suck at it. He should be grovelling, apologizing, resigning. Did I mention my new play is about impending doom?

Colorado closes tomorrow. Boo. I'm looking forward to watching the show tomorrow, and I just hope the World Series isn't happening at the same time. Anyone who is familiar with La Val's will understand why.


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