Wednesday, November 01, 2006

hello november

I welcome November. I welcome it with brisk autumnal energy. San Francisco got cold this week. "Fall-like" as they call it out here (because it isn't really fall out here like you east coast people have with your leaves and shit).

Halloween happened yesterday and instead of stabbings in the Castro, people got shot. I only quickly breezed through the official event on my way to another house and it seemed to be about as packed and crazy as ever. But, definitely a significant lack of the usual merriment than in the past. Very few people were taking the free candy I was offering, even with my helpful sign that said "Free Candy." Plus, fun was perhaps muted by the 500 cops and the "search and destroy" funnel entrances where liquor was confiscated (though apparently guns were OK). And perhaps the whole event sucks now due to the fact that nobody who actually lives in the Castro seems to want to participate in the event anymore. See that's what happens when gays get married: They become no fun! Just kiddin, gays. But, come on

There were definitely too many people NOT in costume. And no, kids, wearing your hoodie over your head does not count as a costume. The Mission district, however was PACKED with the most adorably costumed children. We still never get trick or treaters at our apartment door, though that does not stop us from buying several bags of candy.


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