Tuesday, November 07, 2006

non stop election coverage begins NOW

just kidding.

a few thoughts so far
  • Where are all these remote places that have huge lines for the polls due to glitches and errors? Oh, Denver and Ohio.
  • Republican campaigning has led me to wonder: Do terrorists support gay marriage?
  • I wish the San Francisco Board of Supervisors would stop putting so many propositions on the ballot. It went to K! How the hell am I supposed to know whether chain stores should be required to get a conditional use permit before they are allowed to open up in a neighborhood commercial district?!?! HEY, SUPERVISORS, I'LL ANSWER THAT IF YOU TELL ME HOW TO END MY NEXT PLAY. And make it brilliant, please. Measure K, interestingly, just asked the city of San Francisco if we think Seniors should have housing. THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME! I also am not a fan of the Chris Daly ad with him in a helmet. Well, OK, it's kind of cute. Nor am I pleased that SFGATE now has a Michela Alioto-Pier sponsored view of SF Bay before I read my article about Britney Spears getting divorced. I am also not a fan of Matt Gonzalez calling me to endorse a candidate. for school board. Thanks, but no thanks, quitter.
  • writing that last paragraph got me very riled up.
  • I wrote in my mother for Governor of California. I think she would do quite a good job.


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