Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Handy Positive Pullquotes for BOB

I'm back home in San Francisco but BOB continues to perform as we speak. Like right now, there somewhere in the middle of Act 1. It's been an amazing ride and I am so proud of the production and the amazing team who put it on. And we're getting some media love:

Here are the pullquotes so far:


“It is said I loved Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's BOB.*

The play's shockingly optimistic tone is downright subversive when you consider its subject: what it means to be a success in America. How are the new legends made? Slightly unsound of mind and decidedly stout of heart.

For those of us who have found the career ground completely shifted beneath our feet, with the old paths no longer applicable, this play is more than a silly, picaresque romp through the diners and monuments of Middle America (though it is also that). It asks us to reconsider the worth of tangible recognition in favor of a more elusive reward. Rather than an Arthur Miller-esque indictment of the American Dream, Nachtrieb proposes a more gentle — though no less emotional — revision.”
Erin Keane, Lousiville Courier-Journal
*first sentence is from her twitter link to the article

“An epic journey of self-invention, a picaresque comedy that sprawls across the American cultural and geographical landscape, taking in rest stops and mansions along the way. Nachtrieb’s sketch-filled script hearkens back to Thurberesque satire, pointed but gentle, and unfailingly optimistic.“
Marty Rosen, Leo Weekly

Nachtrieb shakes us awake from what’s become an American Nightmare and, reconfiguring the idea of what makes a person great, finds a new dream to strive for in the end. It's also a damn funny play
David Loeher, 2Amt

“Talk about mixing low cuisine with high culture. The whole story is laugh-out-loud funny and thought provoking. It is at once brutal in the reality it presents but also hopeful and contemplative. The writing and delivery are fast-paced.”
Angela Champion,

“I enjoyed Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's "BOB," a sort of American pop-culture ‘Peer Gynt.’”
David Sheward, Backstage.

“Pretty much everyone also loved Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s Bob...The play is a surreal biography, covering the life from birth to death of Bob, who is abandoned as a baby in the ladies’ room of a White Castle and who rises, in a series of hilarious steps, to become wealthy and famous. Jeffrey Binder was wonderful as Bob, and Aysan Celik, Polly Lee, Danny Schele and Lou Sumrall were delightful as multiple characters Bob meets on his life’s journey. Sean Daniels’ direction was clever and inventive.”
Larry Harbison, Playfixer

“[A] comic amalgam of Brechtian epic theatre and vaudeville.”
-Clifford Lee Johnson III, TDF Stages

And here's a little video snippet (sorry about the music).


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