Thursday, March 24, 2011

BOB - our first time in front of an audience tonight!

OK, I'm a little exhausted from the last couple days so no more live blogging our rehearsals before our previews. Unless I get bored or anxious.

We just had our dress rehearsal and most everything worked, with just a few frayed edges. We're ready to see what an audience will make of it!

A few things that changed from first rehearsal to first preview:

  • The Play is 17 Pages Shorter. But still as dense as sara lee pound cake (and as delicious too I hope)
  • We lost the Road Trip segment to Yosemite. But that bit only worked in the California Reading.
  • For prop reasons, a dead deer reference was changed to a dead goat.
  • In Act 4, Bob's dark period was adjusted from a hybrid of Steve Martin and to some sort of hybrid between Howard Hughes and Mr. Burns.
  • A roulette scene, cut in January, returned
  • As did the prostitutes.

And so much more!

Now, tonight we add laughs. At least that's what we're shooting for.


Blogger EM Lewis said...

Break a leg! And have a great time!


1:55 PM  

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