Saturday, February 26, 2011

Litter is a comin!

Litter is gearing up to open in up at ACT in San Francisco and it is one crazy little play.

Some stats for you:
  • 12 fearless Actors - all soon to be receiving simultaneous MFA's from A.C.T.
  • Several 12 person scenes
  • 2 Musical Numbers (Original Music composed by the amazing Niko Tsakalakos)
  • Fiddling
  • Match Dancing
  • Track Suits
  • Onstage fighting
  • Lots of Fart Jokes
  • Cussing (since BOB has none, they all went into here)
  • A.C.T. in-jokes!
  • Mild incest
  • Funny bathroom scenes with people sitting on toilets
  • Direct address sequences!
  • Funny yet touching monologues!

And tickets are cheap
SPECIAL BLOG READER DISCOUNT USE CODE "FAMILY" for a 10 dollar ticket! woot!
get your tickets here


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