Thursday, March 31, 2011

A final weekend in Kentucky

Hi there!

So, BOB is open. Which means I'll have very little to blog about starting next week. Or I can go back to sharing videos. OR perhaps I can step it up and ruminate on life's largest questions.

Hundreds of industry tycoons are descending upon Louisville as we speak to catch all the shows going up here and it's a pretty astonishing and wonderful mix of shows they get to see. Something for everyone. And if you're a lucky to be a open minded broadly tasted positive person, there's actually a lot of things for everyone. It's a rare moment to have so many talented and eclectic actors, writers, directors, designers all sequestered in a single theatre and nearby bar and to get to enjoy their talent in a positive non-competitive environment, where everyone is rooting for each other and supporting each other's work and I've tried to soak that up before returning to the harsh real world where nobody really cares. ;-) Being at Humana is recharging and inspiring, and keeps me wanting to do what I do.

Anyhoo, I gotta go iron my shirts and tone my abs.

In the meantime:

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