Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BOB - Live from Tech - Day Two

Well hello again from the Residence Inn Downtown Louisville. I just brewed the Peet's coffee I brought from SF, HBO is yet again playing that awful Russell Crow Robin Hood, and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever cook the chicken breasts in my Kitchenette Freezer.

Barring any large hail storm interruptions, we start teching again at Noon (KY time) today and once again I'll try to keep you updated. And by you, I mean the follow spot operators who read this during breaks.

More anon.

12:06 We are at HALF HOUR people!
I've given a new line already.

So the new line was related to the secret meeting!

A second secret meeting involved a bunch of designers, director and myself trying to figure out the context and mood of the four "interludes" or "interstitials" or "entre-acts" that happen in between each act.

The secret meeting was conducted at Freddies, the official post show/tech/daytime hangout for Actors Theatre people (if you're coming to an industry weekend, you should go there and try to hook up with somebody, but don't swear). After ten minutes in its hallowed chamber, we managed to have a nice dramaturgical breakthrough about what the hell the dances in the show are all about. And it's really lovely.

12:33 Our onstage map of the US is now getting affixed with small stars to mark the hometowns of everyone working on the show. Yet another Easter Egg for this production.

12:35 All right we're taking it from the Barista Scene in Act 3!

12:42 Did anyone else get that New York Times online offer from Lincoln? (they're still getting situated up on stage)

12:45 Sean Daniels: "Can we try that again? This time, with Bongos."

12:51 Today's message (see yesterday 6:41): Idle Hams of the Devil's Plaything.

12:58 I went to pee and briefly got locked out of the Theatre. I think they cut something while I was gone.

1:09 There is now heavy debate on stage about what whether we need real muffin wrappers to convey "muffin wrapper." Danny is now testing chewing different muffin wrappers.

1:14 Incidentally, this is also the scene where Danny will be chewing lots of scenery.

1:18 Danny Scheie: "I'm not overthinking it. I'm underthinking it."

1:44 We're all still underthinking it.

1:46 Holy crap that is the sound of the hungry and vicious wolves

1:48 Danny Scheie: (quoting someone else, maybe) "In a movie it's all about the closeup. In theatre, it's all about the pattern your spit makes."

2:09 Sorry we were on a ten. It's very windy outside and we're on a Tornado Watch. But it's sunny. Unnervingly sunny.

2:19 We're working the Bob/Gunther Scene

2:33 I just made another cut! Sometimes little cuts feel the same as a good poop. Sometimes they feel like a bad poop.

2:41 Working the end of Act 3 now as BOB curses the nation with a severed arm and dressed in a South of the Border shirt.

2:50 Oh yes! We are through Act 3. That's Intermission. So we've now teched the part of the play that everyone will see. The rest is only for the lovers.

2:55 Bob at the end of Act 3

3:07 Sean Daniels: "You know me, I think house to half is for pussies."

3:08 We're now trying our first interlude as flea dance.

3:24 We're in Act 4! It's the act where bob breaks our heart.

3:53 Oh hi! We're still here. I've been pacing around the theatre. Binder has been practicing putting on his Satin underwear. And now Vera Ponchtraine, wearing Costume Designer's actual girl scout sash.

3:59 Danny's one armed roulette dealer costume is described as "if Michael Jackson and Mark Twain had a baby"

4:09 We're in the roulette scene. I'm down about 50 bucks.

4:10 Apparently the problem from yesterday at 4:28 has been solved and the ring is "resting the right place."

4:16 Another cut - The Roulette Dealer will no longer say "We’ve got a man with a death wish. Almost fifty-fifty odds but the two green slots tilt it a bit towards death. "

4:26 "Things that make you go Hmm." by C&C Music factory has just played by accident.

4:31 Binder: "I don't want to play the truth of this."

5:00 Dinnertime! We're mid Act 4, humming along, still having a good time, so far no golf ball sized hail.

7:00 Still no hail. But they are testing snow on stage. 1/2 hour to magic time.

7:21 oof I'm feeling that chicken Sandwich

7:35 OK we're back everybody. Except for the part of me that's addressing the chicken sandwich.

Sean Daniels: What's stopping you from doing that?
Danny Scheie: Your direction.

7:47 Thank you, Lorraine, for letting me know there are Antacids in the First Aid Kit.

7:56 We're teching the scene where Bob pees in a jar. Don't worry everyone, there's no cussing in the show!!

7:59 We have to make it yellower. And there's not enough.

8:00 OK we're going to see what happens if Lou brings in bob's pee bottle. Oh wait nevermind

8:07 Jar peeing success! Actors may lose a subscriber but now we're more appealing to New York!

8:34 We've made it back to Bob's false dream at Mt. Rushmore with Tony and the Prostitutes.

8:39 I've cut the ball rolling. Those in the front row audience right can now rest easy.

8:49 The prostitutes have been in and out of this play more than a prostitute!

9:16 Working the rock bottom moment where it snows soap.

9:35 looking at old drafts for an awesome line

10:07 We're at the end of Act 4! One more to go!

10:08 It's a short one so don't panic

10:09 I know I've fallen off on the posting the last hour or so but I'm trying to rewrite pivotal lines. Bear with me.

10:35 We are now past light cue 1000!

10:55 In the final hour of tech and we just made it past the last big mega-cue section. We're cutting cues 957-965. Godspeed cues 957-65!

11:33 Jesus Christ another cut

11:40 Ladies and Gentlemen, BOB has been teched!

11:48 Danny demonstrates tech fashion. (this has slowly built over the 2 10 out of 12s)

11:51 And good night sweet children. Thank you for reading this the last couple days. It was great to feel the support from very near and very far. I think it's time for a beer.


Anonymous katie said...

Umm the PA and SMI also read this during breaks.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

umm and the SM on the tens. It is so entertaining! Not to mention relief over the fact that I don't have a thousand ques to call.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Kimi said...

and the SM at home who is supposed to be studying. Damn you Peter.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Elissa said...

The interns over in the Speer building are also reading along and loving it.

4:19 PM  

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