Wednesday, January 07, 2009

opening night reflections

T.I.C. opened on Monday with a bang. An amazing show with a particularly crazy house that added ten minutes to the normal run-time with their vigorous chortling.

(Check out the Chronicle Review!)

It was the end to an intense week of lightning tech, amazingly productive and exciting preview shows and finally our true opening on Monday.

A few thoughts:

  • Lisa and James provided me with a gift of Single Barrel Wild Turkey Bourbon. I have now been presented with three bottles of Bourbon from this show. This will help tremendously with writing the next play. Look out, South Coast!
  • Apparently I like to laugh at my own jokes. In particular, I laugh loudly when nobody else is laughing in the audience. That's usually when I'll laugh the loudest. You know, to let people know they just missed some comedy gold.
  • I think I was pretty wound up for the performance, so much so that my right ear began to ring and then my stomach started cramping at the party.
  • Perhaps I should not say "Have a wonderful objective experience!" to critics as they enter the show.
  • I think a broad comedy is a good thing in January during a deep recession. And it was fun to write a play that tapped into my writing roots as a way to tell a story.
  • I looked good.
  • Not to get too gushy, but the process of making this production was really really fun (and terrifying at the same time, but that's par for the course). Credit Ken and Lisa and James for creating a work environment that was truly collaborative, where everyone involved brought ideas into the fold to create the end product. This is what I love about theatre is the collective minds bringing forth a particular creature that transcends any one person's ego.


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