Monday, December 22, 2008

T.I.C. update

We've had a blast rehearsing T.I.C. amidst all the holiday fun and craziness. We had our designer run and the beast that is the play emerged as an entity, which I found exciting and comforting. Lots to do in the coming weeks but I think the play may very much rock.

So to tempt you, this play has

private and public dancing
varying degrees of nudity
mutiple inappropriate moments
parts of bodies quoting talk show hosts
violent crime
one cheap mortgage crisis joke
a dream sequence
Internet jokes
a flasher
a buttload of sound a light cues
new terminology: Blogville (Vaudeville/Blog hybrid)
rainstick mockery
embedded truths about the playwright in hidden nooks of the play
A Mcgeyver moment

and oh so much much more

ok so that was meant to be tempting. You're tempted, right?


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