Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Musical Delights '08

Favorite new band (new to me)
Cut Copy
I think I listened to their album In Ghost Colours several hundred times on the iPod shuffle before I misplaced the shuffle somewhere in New York City. Sign me up for this recent trend in poppy rock distortiony catchy electronica what have you. Cut Copy's album is definitely reminiscent of the Pixies/Depeche Mode/My Bloody Valentine/Thompson Twins, you know the rock of middle school for a 74'er like me and I find that very pleasing.

I actually also liked this album by West Indian Girl, 4th & Wall A little trippyish hippieish airy fun but loved its bigness and celebration of treble.

And OK, so I just bought this M83 album Saturdays=Youth about 3 hours ago (thanks to my use of Pitchfork for music research), and I am finding it amazing. Similar genre to the Cut Copy, but more epic power ballady, Oh I like it!

Also loved
Hercules and Love Affair (am I becoming a gay cliche?)
Fleet Foxes (am I becoming just a cliche?)
Panda Bear (a year late)
TV on the Radio (yeah I think i dig it, uh oh more cliche)
The Passing Strange Soundtrack

Some fave single songs of the Year:

Single Ladies by Beyonce! I WANT TO DANCE THAT

Stars by Ulrich Schnauss

Paper Planes
by M.I.A. again
but this time the DFA remix. Ho wow! Me like.

Into the Nightlife by Cindi Lauper

Donkey Ride by Mr. Scruff (thanks iTunes suggestion list)

Charity Case and A Little Better by Gnarls Barkley


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