Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have just emerged from another intense and wonderful four day workshop with director, cast and crew of T.I.C. (Tickets on SALE! Goldstar tix available too!). Hoo ya, it is one amazing room of wild and crazy people. Ken Prestininzi, director/turg/bandleader has been cracking open this play and helping expose the yolk. This is one crazy little piece that I'm still making huge discoveries about in its structure and tone. Over 50 new pages this weekend, figured out the ending, and we figured out the essential idea for the staging (BlogVille is the term, Vaudeville as Blog metaphor). More honing to do before rehearsal officially kicks in in ten days.

For you local theater folks, the cast features Arwen Anderson, Anne Darragh, Lance Gardner, Michael Shipley, Liam Vincent and Rebecca White. AKA Team Awesome.


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