Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DC like the boom

The Washington Post seemed to have a good time and so did my Mom! She came out from California and hadn't seen a production of boom since it's very first reading in San Francisco, and that was before the climactic bag moment.

We also were big fans of the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum. And I also had to watch the TSA wand my mom at the airport due to some metal in the hip. Something about watching a parent get wanded by the government gets me angry and defensive.

Anyhoo, DC was a blast, the production is beautiful, and I love the Woolly Mammoth. See it till Dec 7

Fall Du Crazy continues now with heading to Seattle for a few days! for
First Preview is tomorrow, but unlike Woolly, I've just been a distant contributor to the rehearsal experience, talking on a conference call and emailing daily. I am SO excited to see what magic they have done.


The thing that is exciting me incredibly, giving me nightmares, moments of panic, self doubt, thrill, excitement, angst, pain, and occasional irregularity is the brand new spankin production of T.I.C.! I am so lucky to be working with an incredible cast and director and team of producers. Read some Chad Jonesin about the show here!

The play is going to one crazy ass thing, I can at least promise you that. More details soon. I'm actually procrastinating rewriting a song for it right now, so I better go get back to it.


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