Friday, November 07, 2008

Greetings from DC, again

That's Sarah Marshall, Kimberly Gilbert and Aubrey Deeker up there from the Woolly Mammoth cast of boom. They have been rockin it sweet this preview week. I am thrilled with the production here which has been handled with great skill and care by the whole team. We open Sunday and the show's already been extended to December 7. Sweetness! Get your tickets and info here district people.

Miscellany from the week:
We had a pay what you can preview on election night. About half a house showed up. During the 90 minutes of the show, Obama got 200 electoral votes. We made it to bar around 10:15 PM, just in time to see Virginia called for Obama. At 11, the West Coast closed and B.O. won and street mayhem began. Lots of people were cruising the streets in their cars, blasting music and shouting Obama. I know this happened all over the country. Amazing. Awesome. Finally some since news.

But then Prop 8 won so that's a hard dose of badness. I want to meet the people who voted to legalize medical marijuana and eliminate the rights of gay people to get married. I hate the initiative system.

I've misplaced a script for my new play, TIC, somewhere in DC. Perhaps at a monument. Just you know, thieves, the damn thing is copywritten.

Hello Seattle!


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