Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ya Voté!

It's done.

8:30AM, walked into city hall, down to the basement where a long line was already waiting to be processed by the election folks and get ballots. The line moved quickly and soon I was in my booth with my votin' pen, making my selections.

I voted for the trains because I love trains. Also voted for the gays, the treatment programs, the hospitals, and against the majority of the props.

San Francisco had over twenty propositions of their own. This annoys me. My default is to vote "no" on a proposition especially when i get to letter j and up. I thought we voted for Supervisors or something to legislate for us?

I decided to abstain from the Community College board race.

As I departed, a just-married lesbian couple was taking pictures on the steps of the Rotunda, their two little kids at their legs. C'mon California, don't let me down.


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