Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eastern Travels

Holy goodness, back in SF after a whirlwind

Washington DC -
Woolly Mammoth's boom production is looking good and in full swing. It was a delight to be there for the first 10 days of rehearsal in a room full of good people doing a play about a small room full of a couple people. Very excited to return to see the previews and opening in early November. See it, Capitalists!

What do people in DC do on election day? I want to know.

I departed "The District" (as they call it) and engaged in a whirlwind 36 hours in New York City (I got to take my favorite mode of transportation, the train. Trams are a close second). Majorly hugely profuse apologies for everyone I did not see, which was the majority of my friends. I ran about saying hello to many theater folk (including a 3/4 reunion at Ars Nova of the boom cast and director. Missed you Susan!), had my customary Adam Bock sighting at the Westway (as well as multiple Nicholson/Beck sightings), stayed at a hotel where I'm pretty sure the person in the room next to me was either on a drug bender or dying, and went to Maura Madden's sweetass Crafternoon reading at word books in Greenpoint. Check out the book and it was great to see Maura and Rufus and Erin Bradley as well, three important stops on my "I'm so damn sorry I missed your wedding this summer" tour.

And then it was off to Louisville, Kentucky for some bourbon. Oh and some playwriting. I'm one of six playwrights developing the annual Humana Festival anthology
performed by the Apprentice Acting Company of twenty two supremely talented individuals, and directed by the venerable and unstoppable Sean Daniels. Our theme is "rites of passage." We workshopped, listened to stories, wrote, and engaged in lots of eating and beverages. It was incredibly fun and inspiring and I left extremely energized and ready to write my ass off. Which I have to do in order to survive this fall.

I'm only home for a couple weeks and then it's back out into the rest of the world.

A shout out to the folks up in Seattle who are on the verge of rehearsing boom as well! And Yahoo to the Cleveland Public folks who must beginning soon too. Yeah? YEAH!


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