Thursday, October 09, 2008

Washington DC - highlights so far

(pictured, Kimberly Gilbert (jo), John Vreeke (director) and Aubrey Deeker (jules))

Greetings from the "District" where I have been working with the fine folks at Woolly Mammoth Theatre on their production of boom. I blog to you whilst procrastinating on deciding what to do about the part right after the "I wish I had a Mannequin" line and before the kiss. There are a few other changes in the script since the superawesome Ars Nova production but I won't tell you what they are, mostly because who cares really. The cast and crew are a bunch of fierclely intelligent and talented people.

And I'm enjoying DC as much as I can in my small amounts of free time. Some non-rehearsal highlights:

  • Steak Dinner after first rehearsal
  • Meeting scientists who worked on the same tropical research station that I worked at for four months back in my pungent youth (That's the San Blas station of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institue). They will all be speaking on a panel after one the performances, which I am sadly not in town for. It is a little gratifying that the only error that I've made in the script scientifically was referring to a scientific name as latin when in fact it is greek.
  • Staring at the White House lawn attempting to take self portrait with iPhone
  • The falafel I had at the Amsterdam Falafel Shop
  • Rediscovering GoLean Crunch as a cereal
  • The Tryst Coffee Shop and Adams Morgan neighborhood in general
  • The entrance to the Dupont Circle subway (see Zannel pic)
  • Accessing the internet less often during economically turbulent times
  • being able to use the iPhone's gps feature (iPhone works better in DC than at home imho)


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