Thursday, October 02, 2008

Three booms in November: DC, Seattle and Cleveland

Yes folks, there may be some big election or economic thing happening but I am super excited about the fact that my play, boom, is getting 3 (3!) productions this fall! Woo! Go go three character post-apocalyptic date plays!

I'm off to DC on Saturday for the first of two trips so I'll be doing some blogging from the road to describe the various processes. Plus be sure to check out my zannel feed on the right there for exciting photos beamed straight to the world thanks to my new unlimited data plan.

OK! Where YOU can see boom:

Washington, DC
presented by Woolly Mammoth Theatre
Directed by John Vreeke
featuring company members Kimberly Gilbert and Sarah Marshall, with Aubrey Deeker
November 3 – November 30, 2008
Tickets and more info

The Woolly blurb
“Sex to change the course of the world…” A grad student’s personal ad lures a randy journalism coed to his subterranean lab, where he studies fish sleep cycles for signs of the apocalypse. Will their “intensely significant coupling” lead to another big bang, or is mankind’s fate in the hands of someone watching from outside the fishbowl?"

(I will be there for performances Nov 5-9)

Seattle, WA
presented by Seattle Repertory Theatre
Directed by Jerry Manning
with Nick Garrison, Gretchen Krich and Chelsey Rives
November 13 – December 14, 2008
Tickets and more info

The Seattle Rep blurb:
A nerdy marine biologist calculates that the end of the world is near and posts an online personals ad, hoping to romance the girl that will help him ensure the survival of the species. But when push comes to shove, saving life on earth on the first date proves to be a bit of a challenge. Exciting new playwright Nachtrieb brings us this funny, slightly warped and ultimately hopeful look at the apocalypse.

(I will be there Nov 13or14ish -19)

Cleveland, OH
presented by Cleveland Public Theatre
November 28 - December 20 2008
Tickets and more info

The CPT blurb:
"Sex to change the course of the world..." In Boom, something is about to explode and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. CPT presents the regional premiere of this exciting work that premiered at Ars Nova in NYC in March 2008. In this hilarious new work, female journalism student Jo answers male marine biologist Jules' casual- encounters ad seeking "intensely significant coupling." She gets stuck in his makeshift lab-turned-shelter and finds herself surrounded by bourbon, fish tanks and a bunch of scary levers. It's the end of the world as we know it and this is the date to end all dates!


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