Friday, September 05, 2008

Where I write, number five

Starbucks, Bryant and Mariposa

This is something more of an early 2008 haunt that kind of got replaced by Coffee Bar (which is almost across the street) but a need for air conditioning brought me back to what is perhaps the nicest Starbucks ever. It's nice because it's huge with a lot of nice, comfy furniture and worktables. The space was originally conceived of as a Starbucks concept called "Circadia" back in the late 90's. It served wine and beer and nicer food and then the dot coms busted and Circadia became Starbucks in a huge space. They kept the furniture.

It's a Starbucks, so it has whatever your Starbucks has. Numerous tables including a few larger ones, a few outlets scattered about the building. Wifi if you're an AT&T customer, otherwise you have to pay for it. (which may be a good thing if you're easily distracted)

The Pike blend is actually better than the old one. Cinnamon Swirl coffee cake and the parfaits: also yummy imho. Lots of room, conversations are pretty muted, the music is Starbucks music (so, you know, pleasant songs like Feist and light Beck), and I feel pretty focused here. Air conditioning for those few days we need it here.

Corporate guilt if you're prone to that.

If you order a coffee "for here" at this Starbucks, they put it in a ceramic mug. I once was sitting next to a conversation where I thought someone was being fired if they refused to show up to work on time. It turned out to be a roleplay.


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