Friday, August 08, 2008


Congratulations to Joshua for winning So You Think You Can Dance. I was rooting for Katee, but Joshua was my second choice and was pretty great. It was a good season, all in all. MTABF has purchased a few of the danced-to songs and we re-create some of the more memorable moves. It is my goal to be able to jump into his arm in a leaping split.

Below is an example of my spastic technique. I made this little animated gif years ago and, according to my webstats, is appearing on myspace pages and forums across the internet.


Blogger elissa said...

Yet another reason to explain why we get along so well...

I have to say I was in mourning for Mark and Chelsie while I was in California. They were my favorites. Now I'm debating whether I want to shell out for tour tickets in November. Sadly, they come to Baltimore right after you leave...

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