Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where I write, number two

Jumpin Java, Noe Street, San Francisco

(pic from futuregringo.com)

Firstly, I apologize for not the best interior shot. I felt a little self-conscious in the moment I took the pic, but I'll try to update with a better one

Anyhoo I was first introduced to Jumpin Java by my former roommate Loren about 8 or 9 years ago for a group work/studying afternoon and it has become a regular writing staple for me. About a 20 minute walk from my home, it's not the most convenient place for me to get to, but I continue to return to it for it's fabulous "study hall with food and decently leveled music" atmosphere. (Occasionally the music is KOIT but usually it's good)

Details: Small cafe on quiet street in the Castro serving the usual coffee drinks, bagels, smoothies, small selection of sandwiches and other misc items. Wooden tables that fit 1 or 2 comfortably, wooden benches along the wall, one awkward table in the middle. Sunny but screens still viewable from most tables.

Pros: Good but not overwhelming level of ambient noise, acceptance of people working, decent sense of focus among the generally attractive group of customers, readily available water, power strips available at 2/3 of the seating, cheap coffee refill price, good soy chai for less caffeinated afternoon drink, nice bathroom

Con: Can get too crowded in the mornings and weekends, Wireless is good so more tempting to check out SFGate or what have you, the table by the door can get chilly on a "fog lingering in Twin Peaks" day, smaller tables only fit a laptop and small journal comfortably, I once got bit by a spider while wearing shorts.

Misc: I feel like i need to bring my laptop in when I pee here because it's a short hop to the door and you never know when somebody's lost themselves to meth and low on cash. I like the chicken breast sandwich and the blt. I usually put a napkin between my drink and the computer as the wooden tables have occasional lumps in them and I worry I will soil my keyboard.


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