Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where I write, number three

Coffee Bar, Mariposa and Florida

Coffee Bar is my newest writing discovery. About a 15 minute walk from my apartment and situated in the light industry public television/radio live/work "live/work" section (there are both the real and fake varieties in the area) of the Mission. It has quickly risen towards the top of my regular rotation, edging out a neighboring cafe that I used to frequent that I haven't returned to in a while (which I will profile soon).

Large, high ceilinged loft space with ample light, two levels with food ordering and coffee section below, with stairs up to large consuming/working area. Full coffee selection, wine and beer, and an actual kitchen that makes good pressed sandwiches, salads, and great yogurt and fruit thing. Many small tables that fit one plus multiple larger tables, and a bar that overlooks the lower area.

Pros: Super comfy, nice tables, good food, decent sharing behavior among the patrons. Water readily available, coffee is quite delicious, roomy bathroom, good choice in music, love the air and high ceilings and light (no direct sunbeams at least in the morning), good sense of peace and happiness in the space. Some of the large communal tables are really large so there's room to put out papers next to computer and not feel like your hogging space. I love a good communal table.

Definitely more conversations happening and a higher decibel level than at Jumpin Java which is fine but occasionally I eavesdrop and sometimes large groups come in and talk about KQED or Burning Man. Headphones suggested for those not so into that.

Everything is compostable, including the straws. Elisabeth Farnsworth sighting! They have one of those Clover Machines. Is that just what Philz Coffee does but with a fancy machine?


Anonymous Pedro said...

I was there today and it was frigging hot!

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