Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where I write

As I'm running low on unique things to say about the general foibles of existence (too much writing these days), I thought I would dedicate the next several posts to aspects of my craft of writing.

"Where do you write?" seems to be the second most popular question to ask a writer and for a writer to ask (Number one question, of course, is "how the fuck do you make a living?"). Optimal locations for writing are treasures, a unique match between scribbler and environment and vary radically from writer to writer. For me, my needs vary from day to day. So I will now begin to share some of the locales I find myself toiling and their pro's and cons.

place where I write, number one: the home office

Details: Ikea worktable/desk circa 2002, Macbook propped up on old science textbooks, additional full keyboard with sticky number 3, old office chair from father's law office and I should really replace soon, halogen lamp, post-its, folder for receipts, John Dewey book for show.

Pro's: Close to snacks, French Press, control over music, lots of pens, can talk to myself out loud, easy to pace, do not have to purchase products to work there, when in the zone there's not a better place because you can just work and work and work, easy commute, deductible.

Cons: I live there too, there's a TV just outside that door, as well as mail, and Entertainment Weekly, and string cheese, and too easy to not shower and when I haven't showered yet I kind of feel like it's still my quiet morning time to read the news even though it's creeping towards midday, too easy to write blog post or update facebook status and not feel guilty, too easy to look at adult websites, too easy to look at any websites, and really there are certain periods of time where i just feel too distracted to work at home and need the pressure of a slightly more foreign locale where they don't let you get away with being a slacker.

More locales to be shared as I write there


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