Monday, September 15, 2008

Before I go to Canada...

Just for a week. For vacation. Hanging with some awesome Canadians. Maybe scope some real estate, just in case, oh kidding! So this is it for a week, unless we've got some downtime.

Things recently occupying my thoughts:

  • The Election
  • Two Plays of Mine
  • The Huffington Post main headline font is too big.
  • The Daily Kos: I just tried reading for the first time the other day. What the hell is that site? I feel like I'm reading blog for computer engineers. It's in code!
  • Everyone's Facebook Status Updates
  • I think I thought way too much about Sarah Palin for a week and now am ready to move on.
  • I think I listened to the DFA remix of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes way too much and am now ready to just have it in the regular mix of plays. It's gooood, though.
  • Side bends - hard!
  • I do quite enjoy the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Vancouver
  • The super delicious and incredibly cheap chicken dinner I had tonight at Limon Rotisserie
  • My estimated tax payment
  • Slings & Arrows: good!
  • Last four purchases on iTunes: Stars by Ulrich Schnauss, Paper Planes (DFA Remix), Golden Age by TV on the Radio, Crush by David Archuleta
  • my new iPhone. In particular, mastering the satisfying swoosh of the finger to unlock.
  • Disappointed by the latest Project Runway and so so on the Hills and disturbed by the Rachel Zoe project
  • I wish it was easier for me to find pants.


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