Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The Bay Area Playwrights Festival wrapped up Sunday (for me, it wrapped up at a corner table of the Owl Tree bar with a bunch of other theater derelicts) and I'm pooped.

There were some great readings over the weekend of distinct new plays that were all markedly different from one another and very enjoyable. Plus I got to meet some people in the flesh who had only been my facebook friends before.

A few misc highlights from the weekend (other than the fact that all the plays were rather enjoyable):
  • the stage direction "The Bola flies over the audience" from Geetha Reddy's play
  • rediscovering the Marina and reappreciating the notable high level in fitness of its inhabitants
  • Seeing Amy Mueller and Dominic Orlando sing Karaoke
  • Being believed, then doubted, then rebelieved about the existence of a Yoda Fountain in the Presidio
  • Witnessing three literary managers sharing a six pack before a reading


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