Sunday, April 06, 2008

sunday progress report

  • I'm slowly beginning to take something I've written and rip it apart in a joyful "life from destruction" type of writing maneuver. I'm excited. I think the second draft is the most exciting draft for me. It's not as daunting and confidence shattering as the first, but you still get the satisfaction of performing major construction and invention and re-creation. It's like cleaning a dirty room, throwing all the crap out and buying some new furniture. Sort of like that. I cleaned the room yesterday. I'm realizing that Draft 5 should now be called the "am i making it worse?" draft.
  • I figured out the opening moment of the play after next! Now, just 100 more pages to go!
  • I'm starting to read Art As Experience by John Dewey (yeah it took a while, Jay). I think I'll be reading the book for a while.
  • Ready to read little more this Spring. Spring is for reading!
  • I think I need to address my Bravo addiction. What is it about the "Creative Elimination" and "People who make Interesting choices because they are wealthy" genres that attract me so?
  • I think I need brunch


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