Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hasta mañana manzana

Well, poop, it's my last post in New York City. Well, technically, I'm in the JetBlue terminal so its an intermediate between here and home. I just ate a Papaya King hot dog as a final tribute to the plethora of junk food (in this case couple with creamy exotic fruit juice) available in the big city. Mark and I both commented on the sheer amount of french fries consumed in the last month/week. Lots of fries. I'm excited for some snappy produce and fresh ingredients and a fucking good burrito.

I leave pretty exhausted, and tremendously happy with the work achieved and the fabulous people I got to spend some time with.

and doh i am boarding


Anonymous Lefty Voldecamp said...

I was eyeing that very Papaya King on 42nd. How was it?

12:25 PM  

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