Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boom PullQuote Fever!

Yes, this is blog is all shameless marketing and NEW YORK, MY PLAY IS ON FIRE! And for non new yorkers, I'll get some pics up here soon.

You still have three weekend choices to see the show and bring all your friends! There is a bar in the back of the theater for a cheap strongly poured cocktail, great atmosphere, close to fine dining (??), and bars gay and straight!

Here's what some people have been uttering about the show:

"****" –Time Out New York

We're ready for whatever strange places BOOM wants to take us!"

"Mr. Nachtrieb has a gift for darkly funny dialogue and an appealing way of approaching big themes sideways. ...BOOM winds up speaking, quietly and piquantly, to our enduring fascination with and need for myths about the beginning of life as well as its end."
-Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"A fantastically wild ride! Nachtrieb has crafted an imaginative piece of social satire...a clever play that's both experimental and entertaining."

" [A] combination of comic bickering and Twilight Zone mystery keeps the audience guessing what will come next."
–Time Out New York


"I would definitely recommend grabbing your ticket to BOOM!"

Get your tickets here!


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