Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey Bay Area, I'm teaching a class!

Yes, people, I'm teachin a class on "funny" theater. Hmmm. But, yeah, right? A chance to focus on comedy playwriting for six weeks and I think it's going to be as much an exploration for me as it will be for the class. And hopefully awesome.

Find out more and/or register for the course here

Class Description:
Somebody famous once said that while drama is "easy", comedy is "hard." This is a terrible lie. They're both kind of hard. But, in this potentially fun and invigorating workshop, we'll take a particular look at the use of "comedy" (in as broad a sense of the word as possible) in our playwriting. Comedy has the potential to engage and disarm an audience with it's ability to simultaneously infiltrate the intellect and the gut. With the often full-body attention that comedy requires from an audience, ears become extra-sensitive, thoughts can be subtly provoked, and attitudes can be challenged. In discussions, readings, exercises and assignments we will explore humor and develop work that is funny, provoking, subversive and maybe, god forbid, highly entertaining.

Course Components:
➢ An exploration of one's personal sense of humor. Are you a laugh at others or laugh at yourself type of person?
➢ Experimenting in different genres, from "sketch" to "satire" to "physical" to "absurd" to "dark."
➢ In class writing and weekly "challenge" assignments. Sharing our work with the group.
➢ Reading and Discussion of contemporary scripts


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