Monday, April 28, 2008

Semi-Helpful Advice for Ending a Play?

The geniuses behind National Novel Writing Month have unleashed a new exciting event to the writing world called Script Frenzy: A challenge to write a (at least 100 page) play, screenplay or teleplay in thirty days (April 2008). According to website, almost 8,000 writers have written over 114,000 pages of work as the plays come to an end. Get excited, Lit Managers! I particularly love the plot machine on the main page.

I was asked to write a guest advice column, one of numerous columns which are all quite assortment of approaches to writing diverse in genre, what is valued and in general taste. I enjoyed reading them all. Mine just got posted today on tips to writing an ending for a play. Hopefully I didn't steer anyone down the wrong path.

Congrats to all the writers who participated!

This is the advice I gave


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