Monday, April 21, 2008

It's cold

Girl, it's nippy in the CA today! My nipples could cut diamonds!

This does not excuse my lack of blogging in recent weeks. I think that's more due to the brain juices still being low in volume after a big "thinkin push" the past several months. The juices are regenerating slowly. Thoughts are returning. But they seem to be at inconsistent times and being used for more pressing matters, such as writing and teaching a class about writing. But all is well here in the TriebZone. How so?

  • I've bought a bunch of things on iTunes that I'm enjoying. Like the album from Gnarls Barkley and the one from Cut Copy. A friend from NY who happens to work for a large music company generously sent Mark and myself 20 CDs. Am still working my way through them but early favorites are a mix called James Holden at the Controls. Upon the new Tiffany Album he sent us, he added a post-it that says "better than you think." We shall see.
  • I am strangely vested in American Idol this season. The last time that happened was the Fantasia/Latoya/Hudson Season. I was originally rooting for David "giggles" Archuleta but have now switched alliances towards rocker David "humble but I rock" Cook. I like the Irish woman too very much. At least they're playing some instruments. And this week is Broadway week! Circle of Life! I hope someone sings something from Spring Awakening.
  • Am working on my second draft on a play and am enjoying taking my time. Being meticulous, adventurous, and keeping internal writerdespair at bay. No time for bullshit in draft two.
  • Getting a little too obsessed by Facebook Status messages.
  • Getting a little annoyed by certain MySpace like behavior on Facebook. And I hate that asshole, the FunWall. Blocked you, sucker!
  • Still need to get to Vancouver
  • Still concerned about neighbor's chronic cough that has been coughing fully and deeply and unproductively for about a year now.
  • LOVED Bill Maher's show this week. Not only was he in top form, but Cornel West was a guest, who I think may one of the best persuasive communicators on the planet.
  • I'm ready for Pennsylvania to fucking vote already!
  • Saw Primary Colors on HBO the other day. I'd totally vote for Emma Thompson.
  • Creeped out by the color of Salmon and Tuna at Sushit restaurants
  • Getting more interested in dry cleaning and shirt laundering these days
  • Need to start getting that organic food box again. I miss my Chard!
  • got to start the red sauce


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