Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peter's Summer Movie Preview!

Here's what I think I'll be seeing this summer:
(as interpreted by my gut instinct from EW's Summer Movie Preview)

harold and kumar - prolly seeing it tonight!
India Jones - God yes
Iron Man - not sure
Sex and the City - yes
Made of Honor - fuck no
Speed Racer - I think so
What Happens in Vegas - Maybe if hell freezes over
Chronicles of Narnia - maybe but I probably won't
Incredible Hulk - Yeah, I think, yeah
Wanted - I may be dragged to it
The Happening - waiting for reviews
Get Smart - See "The Happening"
Kung Fu Panda - no
Encounters at the End of the World - Netflix
Brick Lane - never heard of it
The Love Guru - ew
Wall*E - Yeah!!
You don't mess with the Zohan - ummm maybe?
The Mother of Tears - Petey don't do torture porn
The X-Files - The X Files? I think i might.
Hancock - Yes
Dark Knight - Yes
Step Brothers - Probably
The Wackness - Kingsley!! Netflix probably
Gonzo - not that it'll be bad but i probably will not be able to see this
Mamma Mia - if drunk
Journey to teh Center of teh Earth - no
Meet Dave - no
The Longshots - No
Hellboy II - Probably not
American Teen - Maybe
Space Chimps - no
Pineapple Express - YES!
Tropic Thunder - Yikes. Sad. No.
Sisterhood of traveling pants II - The hankies have been picked out and are ready to go
The Mummy - No mummy for me
Crossing Over - oo god cast
Towelhead- maybe yeah . Allan Ball
Accidental husband - nah
Vikcy Cristina Barcelona - signs point to yes
The Rocker - Hmm
Transsiberian - Kingsley! prolly Netflix*
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Whaa?
Traitor - doubt it
The House Bunny- I don't know honestly
Hamlet 2 - Yes

*I should mention the netflix cue hasn't moved in months


Anonymous GoldenOrb said...

Space Chimps - YES!!!!

10:04 PM  

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