Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week 2 del Preview

I am entering my third week in New York and our second week of previews begin tonight. Wooohew! Last week was an extremely intense week of work, starting with our final few ten hour tech days, a scary actor injury during the scariest part of the show (she's doing great now! Go trooper Megan!), and then our first four previews with rehearsals during the day. I have felt joy, anxiety, surprise, giddy delight, self doubt, self confidence, optimism, cautious optimism all within about 15 minutes of each other. I think we all left the theater on Sunday feeling good about how far we'd gone in the week, how much was accomplished and what wonderful work everyone has put into this production.

Monday was a nice day to breathe and I sat mostly immobile (and possibly a little hung over) in my sublet trying to figure out my taxes for last year and then some drinks with friends.

Yesterday I went to the New York Public Library to work which is certainly the most beautiful library I have ever clacked away in. good lord that thing is pretty. And the most high security library too, especially curious since I really didn't see any books while I was there.

And here we are today. The final week of "work" and then I can just sit and enjoy the result of lots and lots of work by good people. I feel very very thrilled and excited to be here.
In general New York energizes me. I feel very motivated and productive here.


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