Friday, January 04, 2008

It's raining and blowing like nuts here

I'm blogging to you from our mini-balcony just outside the kitchen where there is rain coming down in heavy torrents. If only you could see the bright parka I am wearing as wind blows, sirens wail, and a tree suspiciously leans over a fence and onto my building. The power is tenuously remaining on in the Mission district. It's only a matter of hours before Anderson Cooper shows up in town to figure out what went wrong.

OK it's not that bad, but it is stormy and I am remaining tucked in my apartment I continue to rewrite a play (exciting announcement to come soon). I'm hoping for a gym opening a little later. These days I am working on more that one thing at the same time and I am still struggling with how best to segment projects in my head and keep everything moving forward. I'm thinking physical exercise may be a helpful divider.

OK I am totally procrastinating.


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