Sunday, December 09, 2007

George is growing that Stash for a reason

Yes he is! My brother George has been growing a mustache this month, along with 70 other men in the San Francisco area. It's a sacrifice for a good cause (though the stash is looking pretty good in this pic, Gdawg) and YOU have the opportunity to applaud the efforts of George by sponsoring him (all donations are going to the Breakthrough Collaborative)

In a past year, I was honored to be a judge for this event and I did such a good job they never asked me to be involved ever again. I was hoping to be the East German/French judge and skew the votes towards my bro (though his stash is taking on a formidable character these days that may not need any influence) but I'll be in the crowd clapping him on in the competition next Thursday.

Come to the big showdown December 20 and find out more about m4k


Anonymous BroGeo said...

Thanks for the stache shout out Pedro!

3:56 PM  

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