Monday, November 19, 2007


Sipping my Ritual Coffee (to go) readying for a day of post vacation laundry, groceries and jetlag (I woke up at 6AM. Which is not when I usually wake up). I was gone for two weeks which is enough to really disconnect. Plus there were often no computers and I left my electronics at home.

Vacations seem to be the only time I read fiction and remember how much I love fiction. I read Graham Greene's Our Man in Havana and The Secret History by Donna Tart which was a present from KML Producer L. Busby on Hunter Gatherers opening night 2006. I haven't gone on a vacation since then, but now, it's been read. I need to read more books. Less porn, more books. I smell a resolution.

Apparently since I left, everyone in my industry went on strike, or is at least affected by one. And one acting union is dissing on the other one at the same time.

Did Gavin win?

And, hey, why's SF Bay so greasy?

I will eventually try and think of things to discuss about my vacation. I think.


Blogger Jay Harlow said...

can you at least say where you went???

9:29 AM  

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