Tuesday, October 30, 2007

once again i have no idea what I'm going to be tomorrow

I'm always a late dresser decider for Halloween and this year is no exception. 3PM tomorrow will be my time to decide: Do I go conceptual (Previous years: El Nino, Katrina the Drag Queen disaster)? Character based (Previous: High School Football Coach, Bjorn Borg)? Somewhat skin-showing (Bjorn Borg)?

Current costume ideas: The Biggest Loser, A Tailor, An Unfocused Peace Protest, The Floating Garbage Sludge out in the Pacific That's the size of Texas, Breaking News, Facebook, Blackwater Guard, 100 Calories Pack, Foreskin, A Gloryhole, The Situation Room and/or Wolf Blitzer, Frank T. Lawman, Mark Marino, an insole.

I'll keep the thoughts going and am open to any suggestions.

As many of you know, the Castro is all set to be a joyless wasteland of non-fun, thanks to the previous year's violence and mayhem. Every single bar will be shut down because, well, apparently it was all those gays from the Twin Peaks that were shooting everyone last year. Strangely enough, many liquor stores will remain open. ?!&&*@?

I will be walking through the area on the way to a party, however.


Blogger Jay Harlow said...

garbage patch! garbage patch!

colbert last night: "for reference, texas is a patch of garbage the size of one texas."

7:37 AM  
Blogger pnachtrieb said...

it has been decided

3:54 PM  

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