Monday, May 28, 2007

I take back what I said about the basis soap a couple posts below

It's only been discontinued at Walgreens in the Mission. Well phew! Facial cleansing bullet dodged.

For those of you who don't use the Walgreens, each store is slightly customized to reflect the needs of the community it's in. In the Mission, there is an impressive array of Jesus Candles. In the Castro, the lube selection is phenomenal (I think Probe is terrible, btw. Rubber cement. Do not buy Probe!). In addition, Walgreens has Haribo, Ritter, and countless seasonal surprises and new offerings in the candy section. And where do you go when you want the latest in toys where you press a button and something animates and lip synchs (the bass mounted on a plaque singing "Take Me to the River" being my favorite)? That's right: the WG.

And New Yorkers, I pity you and your Duane Reades. It's simply the worst drug store I've ever been in. The snack selection? Terrible. Only the basest of candies, some nuts, Pringles and pork rinds if you're lucky. The service? What service? And what, no cash back on atm purchases? With a Walgreens every other block, it's an ATM transaction fee-free oasis. $50 and a packet of Orbit and you are ready for happy hour.

I didn't mean to talk about Walgreen's so much. But, you know, whatever. It's a good store for stuff. It's got some good vibe in it (except for the one below the 24 Hour Fitness on Market, where the AC from above is shaking the ceiling so much you feel like the roof is going to cave in.)

If Walgreens made a fortune cookie, it should say this: There's no waiting in Cosmetics.


Anonymous Marisela said...

You know, between my organic grocery store and Walgreens, all my needs are met. I shop there more than I should, but you can't help it, they're everywhere. Take a wrong turn in this city and you'll find yourself in line to get a prescription filled.

1:36 PM  

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