Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Night pop culture roundup

After the 2 for 1s last night at Bar on Castro on an empty stomach did a sneak attack on me last night, Mark and I are having a nice mellow night in with a simmer sauce and Sopranos. I just bought the Ben and Jerry's fro-yo (a modest nod towards healthiness) but it's still got to soften from its corner-store frozen state, so I thought I'd recap some of my current cultural intake and thoughts.

Recently enjoyed plays:
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf w Bill Irwin and Kathleen Turner
As John K will attest, my "Kathleen Turner as Martha" impression is pretty damn good.

Recently enjoyed music purchases
LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
Feist - The Reminder
The Clientele - God Save The Clientele

Not sure if I'm enjoying this music purchase and maybe I'm not but still can't let go of my initial hope that this album was going to blow my mind and it's not:
Bjork - Volta

TV Show that made me jump in fear last week


Recently discovered Dolores Park novelty
The truffle guy

The nicest Starbucks in San Francisco

Bryant and Mariposa.

Trend I find bizarre in a hilly city like San Francisco
Fixed gear bikes

Trend I think is better in theory than on people's legs
The skinny jean

opinion site I used to actually like and now I think has been poisoned by mean-spirited know-it-alls (at least for San Francisco)

Thought I had after seeing the movie "Year of the Dog"
Hollywood's perception of an office is becoming strangely predictable. The 9 to 5 aesthetic has been replaced by the Office Space/Office office: a bleak landscape of disappointment, small dreams and people unaware of how small their dreams really are. This image has even expanded to multiple ad campaigns for office related products. Interesting that this is now the cliche: The absence of joy. (now Year of the Dog is actually a movie about finding passion and is not actually terribly at fault for what I'm saying above, just a little bit. It did trigger the thought, though.)

Glad it's sticking around

Coke Zero

Stupid ass idea
Diet Coke with vitamin and mineral supplements

Wondering when it became culturally irrelevant
The Real World

Best Reality show on MTV

Taquita and Kaui

Looks like a pretty interesting season

The Magic's

Does not look like a pretty interesting season
ACT's (Not even one contemporary play? Boo.)

Least interesting theatre blog post subject
Anything about My Name is Rachel Corrie.


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Peter's "Kathleen Turner as Martha" impression is pretty damn good.

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