Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mail Merge Senator Letter?

I just received an email from Senator Barbara Boxer regarding the recent highway collapse.

Question: Do you think the Senator's office has a "Disaster" letter prepared where they plug the specifics into bracketed [INSERT TRAGIC INCIDENT HERE] sections?

I'm asking because this seems slightly like overkill:

"I am very proud to represent California in the United States
Senate. And while we should do everything we can to avoid the
destruction that we saw at the 880/580 accident, I was also
very proud to stand with my colleagues -- all united for one
purpose -- to join in the effort to ease the problems being
felt by residents of the Bay Area during this crisis. You can
count on me to do everything in my power to bring this major
freeway interchange back to full use and to work for changes to
avoid such a disaster in the future."

Thank you for standing with us, Senator, in this intensely tragic moment of inconvenience.


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